Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility Al Grano
Social Responsibility Al Grano

Al Grano is surrounded by the communities of La Garita and Siare. Finca Al Grano provides permanent employment for 30 employees in the off-season and 100 coffee pickers in the harvest season from both communities.

Finca Al Grano is Rain Forest certified, which ensures that employees receive salaries in accordance with the law.

The farm is under an agroforestry system with tree species such as cedar, mahogany, and laurel, among others, which provides a biological corridor for sparrow hawks, toucans, parrots, and various migratory birds. Young students from neighboring communities receive training in bird watching to promote biodiversity conservation.

The farm uses biological control of coffee berry borer and coffee rust, and also incorporates compost made from coffee pulp + biochar to reduce the use of nitrogen fertilizers, which also reduces the carbon footprint.

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