The Natural Charm of

Al Grano House

Treasure in Las Mercedes, Matagalpa


Al Grano Farm, From Air Strips to Coffee Fields

Al Grano house was the “casa hacienda” of a large cattle ranch since the beginning of last century. House was built following an art-deco architecture, very common at that time.

House has an extraordinary view to “Siare” mountain, which in indigenous Nahuatl language means “the Summit” which protects a primary forest that surrounds Matagalpa city. Next to the house there was an airstrip used to land helicopters from the capital who came to escort the payroll of the workers at the time of the gold mines, very close to the farm. Previous owner produced daily fresh milk that was taken in an oxcart to Matagalpa (at time there was not a single car in Matagalpa).

Today the farm has no dairy production, the grassland and paddocks have been reforested with native hardwood trees and today the farm has 100 Hectares planted with coffee under shade of native trees.

Farm is a paradise for bird watchers and coffee drinker fans.

Farm is a paradise for bird watchers and coffee drinkers fans

Al Grano Farm
Las Mercedes, Matagalpa, Nicaragua.
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