Airport Pick Up and Drop Off

Pick up or drop off is available at $200 each way for regular car (four persons).


Cook is available at $50/day plus cost of food Agree

Car & Driver

Car and driver are available at $100/day.

Coffee Tours

We offer custom coffee tours to local farms in Matagalpa and Jinotega. We also offer hikes in the rainforests of the coffee farms. Tours are $200 per day for 3 people. Guide only speaks Spanish

Note: Our drivers, guides, cooks and employees speak only Spanish. You can however communicate with WhatsApp and Google Translate or arrange through our house manager.

Coffee cupping

Learn how the pros judge “Cup of Excellence” with our custom coffee tastings. Offered at $50/person per person.

Bags of coffee

We sell 5 pound bags of roasted coffee:
Strictly High Grown: $50 per 5 pound bag
Strictly High Grown Specialty: $100 per 5 pound bag

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